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Face and body colour mismatch after installing mannequin mod


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so i have installed this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/4164/?and it broke my game by making some npc's have different face and body colours i tried reinstalling cbbe and face textures but it did not help. removed the mod tried older save nothing. any suggestions on how i could fix this problem? would prefer not having to reinstall all of my skyrim as it took me ages to gather all of my mods o.o

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i know that but the problem only started after this mod? on the mannequin's you can change their race and i noticed that the race change doesnt change their skin colour etc so an orc would be human skin coloured and so on. Also after deleting the mod mannequins became male with a wooden head but rest of the body would be of an actual male character

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