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Good "muscle" mods for female characters


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You want to know something really, REALLY annoying about skyrim?


The fucking muscle options for males and females. 


Nords in this game are described as "hardy and muscular," but here's the problem- the females aren't muscular or hardy at all. (significantly less so now that CBBE and other body mods exist.) Even the stock females look like someone who belongs on a fashion catwalk, NOT killing dragons and devouring their souls. So, does anybody have suggestions for good female "muscle" body mods? I use CBBE, so a mod which can co-operate with that one would be great. I'd also prefer if it was easily customizeable, not something you have to install and de-install to "customize" your character. 

Hard mode: female muscle mods for Khajiits & Argonians + Standard human races


Any ideas?

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I like using the "Imitation - ADEC" presets with CBBE/bodyslide. It gives a stocky, hardy build, but without excessively defined muscles. I see "hardy" as including a reasonable level of body fat (for surviving long winters), which precludes a visible six-pack. A lumberjack, rather than a bodybuilder.

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