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Newbie here who needs help with facial animations

the torn

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Hello, I am new to the forums and the LL mod scene. Apologies ahead of time if this is posted in the wrong forum.


I downloaded and installed Sexlab's framework, as well as SOS, the HDT working vagina, and the unofficial sexlab animations. I am also currently using the CBBE HDT body style.


When I engage any sex scenes, neither character does any facial animations. There is an occasional mouth-opening during a moan, but that's all. I read around the forums before posting, and tried the method of not enabling lip-sync + facial expressions with no luck.


I have everything working perfectly, even the working vagina functions. But things like oral scenes the character never opens her mouth, and it basically rams the penis into her forehead, lol. (I know some re-positioning can be done).


Should the mouth be opening during blowjob poses, or am I expected to manually go in and adjust her facial expression for it?


thanks for any help :)

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