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CB++ TBBP BellyBig


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What mod is this body from!? On my old computer, I used to have two bodies to build in Bodyslide 2.


CB++ TBBP BellyBig




CB++ TBBP BellyBig50.


I ruined the 50 one by accident by fannying about in Outfit Studio, big time, so I resorted to using BellyBig, but could never figure out which mod to reinstall to repair that body type.


Now I'm on a new computer, and after reinstalling all my junk, that body is NOWERE in my outfit list. Does anyone have any idea what mod that pair of body sets is from?

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That was one of the earliest attempts at adding the belly node weight to the CBBE body with TBBP, I can't recall the mod name. I think the HDT body does this now (contains breast, belly and butt nodes) and it is compatible with Bodyslide. I use the HDT enabled body from Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT, you can probably extract just the Body-files for Bodyslide if you don't care for the remodeled armors. 

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