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Need outfit studio help

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Hey, Looking for a specific tutorial for converting UNP textures to CBBE with outfit studio anyone have success or any tips they could recommend or youtubes would be much appreciated to point me in the right direction. I've tried the "Anything to anything"  tutorial and am completely lost by step 2 lmao.. and end up looking like this 





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There are too many conversion references now in the most recent version of Outfit Studio, that I couldn't include all templates.

Also, all "X to CBBE" references are now in one set of sliders, so I couldn't make templates out of them anymore.


To find the body you want to convert from/to, you will have to manually select the UNPConvert.xml file in the ConversionSets folder, and then select the reference you need.

This is done below the "Use a template" drop down. Select the XML file there (as it says in the last entry of the template drop down).

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