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Perkus - Potion bug

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Hello guys!


I have a bug with Perkus. When i activate PatchusMaximus.esp i cant pick up some potions ingame. Not all of them, just some potions, nothing appear when i put my mouth on it. If somebody know how to fix that, please help, cause i cant pick up health potions, annoying...

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tbh i think its your end of this i can still pick up health potions and drink them and i use perkus try starting a new game or maybe loading a older save if it comes down to it try to reinstall perkus and or skyrim. and if you forgot which many people do remember to skyproc your game which can be found by opening your skyrim folder and look for your data folder than skyproc folder than run the program file there, please take note that i have no mod skills of any kind so keep looking for help if my idea dont work.

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that's the strings (skyrim_english, dawnguard_english, sexlab_english, obis_english), in skyrim\data\strings


either you use a custom language and didn't choose it when you made patchus

either there's no skyrim_something in the strings folder (you rename skyrim_english to skyrim_something if you can't find a translation)

either you put them in a bsa (java can't load that)


when you made patchus, it couldn't load some things names from that, so those things don't have name

you can't speak with a wall, or loot it, because it don't have a name


you probably saw that in helgen, after remaking patchus, start over, some things from the failed patchus are probably in that save


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Thanks for the answers guys!


Yes, the text of my game is in french and the voices are in japanese... But i never touch these strings files and i just check, the "Skyrim_French.strings" is in the folder. So i tried to patch perkus again with french in the settings. But i always have the issue. So i have to put the files in a bsa ?


Ps: my perkus was working great until today.

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