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Help with TES5Edit


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I am using SkyHeels trying to avoid HDT heels if i can.


I am trying to alter the value of the SkyHeels So i can make  Vanilla NPC's choose to wear them. Putting them in their inventory is not enough and i cant enchant them.


I have done this before flagging the kitty corset as naked but i cant remember how to work with the editor...




So what to do...?

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A bit of an unqualified guess, but isn't the default NPC behaviour set to equip the items with highest armour-value? 

I think that's the "DNAM - Armor Rating" setting in TESVEdit, so try setting that to some ridiculously high value, just to try.


A tip for the future: When you start TESVEdit, if you right-click in the list of which mods to load you can "Select None", which clears all selections from the list. After that, just select the one mod you want to edit and hit OK, TESVEdit will automatically load any mod dependencies. This will speed up loading times a little :).

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