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Looking for someone who uses realistic needs.

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iNeed is what you are looking for. Has follower support:


NPC Needs

  • Follower Needs: Disabled by default. Followers will automatically consume food and drink at regular intervals provided that there is food and drink in their inventories and will gain effects from the food or drink item just like you. Maintaining/neglecting their needs will produce similar buffs and debuffs as yours. Followers share fatigue levels with you. Neglecting your sleep will result in a similar debuff to your followers.
  • Meals with Followers: Followers will also eat/drink with you.
  • Followers Purchase Food: Followers will automatically purchase previously eaten food items in cities and inns when their supplies are low provided that they have enough gold. Requires 'Follower Needs' enabled.
  • Horse Needs: Disabled by default. If you own a horse and are standing in front of it, you will be able to feed it by activating it to give it a slight stamina regeneration buff. There are no penalties for not feeding your horse as it is likely grazing when you are away!



Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51473/?


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not that i knew, but i like the idea. Is it just so you would like them see to eat or really eat, so also to have them penalties if they don't ?


For the first, i had the multiple follower mod for a while, what kind of used the "Serana" idle script, what made the characters do anything

when they had nothing to do, and also eat and drink in a while, but only the animations.


I am not sure, but it could have been this one http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/31581/


[Aunt Edith says: i was too slow, answering the first post]

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No it only covers the player.  I would imagine followers and other npcs would get way too script intensive for needs/survival type effects.


Edit: Didn't know iNeeds had follower support, is it very script heavy?


It works fine on my system, didn't notice any slowdowns since using it. Also works with multiple followers - I use puppet master and it really adds to it to feed three people. Combine with "You hunger" mod for more challenge :)

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iNeed is: More lightweight, doesn't need 242342 additional ESP Files for compatibilities, doesn't fuck with cooking, has more features...


...and it doesn't lower your max carry weight by 25 each for: Getting looked at by a skeever. Getting farted at by a skeever. Getting bit by a Skeever. Getting sodomized by the same Skeever..... I think you get the idea.

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