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[REQ] Tera Popori Race? or Ripped Popori models?


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Yes, we already have the Elin Race which consist of all females, but tera has a Popori race (which consist of all Male race) which is counterpart of the Elin race.

I don't know if someone already started this mod.


There's supposed to be a Cute Chibi Beast Race..

Here's the pics..


Popori Race - They are smaller than Elin Race and consist of different animals which most of them are house pets..haha..






















I'm willing to help interms of retexture,ideas and CK.. but I don't about modding and I'm still starting to learn..

I suppose we can make use of the Pets of Skyrim Mod as Head?

Since looking at the pics, I think we can use a base animal head with a round eyes, animal nose and a big round chibi body with big arms and small feet.. then replace the Beard into Whisker & accessories, Hairs into Ears & Tails, and Complexion & Warpaints into different animal pattern given from the image above.




*It may also be good if someone can ripped all those Popori Models from Tera and I can help converting them into armor and helmet just like the first Elin armor and helmet first came.


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not likely, due to the amount of work would need to refit the armour for such a odd(fat)shape. And demand for male races are low. which the race it self offers very little.




on top of that, there height would ban them form sexlab frameworks. 


thou i would love to be wrong :)

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@TacomancerX.. well I guess you're right but the mod not really intended to be for Sexlab..just like Elin Race 1..(this was supposed to be Non-adult mod)

and also about the fat shape..it doesn't have to be that kind of shape but just rarely close..and I tried doing a chubby male character..it seems fine but though they are some few clipping...and for that you can see the Shape Atlas men for example.. it has some few odd shape chubby/fat body replacer..

and dwarf race mod from Nexus.


I saw Hymnaru team converted all vanilla + DLC in SAM Mods (not the revealing armors) no homo..lol. and well plan converting on Tera models..



All it's need is editing the Body replacer into smaller arm length and feet and also permission to use the SAM mods..


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Sorry for double post..


I have found some 5 poporin models and I will convert them into armors and their heads into helmets.














Ripped by: Moogleoutfilters



they gave me permission to convert this into skyrim and they planned to ripped more models as I requested..

this is much more of a mascot than an armor..

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I saw Hymnaru team converted all vanilla + DLC in SAM Mods (not the revealing armors) no homo..lol. and well plan converting on Tera models..

Sorry for OT but where are the vanilla+DLC conversions? I only see the partial vanilla version on HoT, and the Dragonborn conversion on Nexus.


With the new SAM texture packs i'm giving this another shot.

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