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Some quick questions from someone new (would really appreciate the help)


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  • For Mod Organizer does installed order matter at all or is it all about load order? For example, I know that adorable faces must be after fair skin.. is this referinng to load order or install order?


  • I tried to make my first charcter using UNPB. Is there a way to make your character naked during the creation?  Also, is there a way to change the size of the breasts? Can I use Racemenu to do this?


  • I'm getting "no game data at top level" when I try to install some mods. What is this?


  • Is there a way I can load pre-made characters by people on these forums?
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install order no, priority load order yes. there is a diffrence... cause mod organizer does't overright thing. priority load order will say which file wins.


Mod Organizer #8 - Conflicts and Priorities



no but when in game u can undress press ~ to get the console which you can type "showracemenu"

no game data thing in mod manager



pre-made chars? probably.. but i've never seen anyone do it. due to load order conflicts 

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What exactly do you mean by "pre-made chars"? RaceMenu presets?

- Download the archives, and put them into the Mod Organizer\downloads folder

- Then start up MO and install the files just normally as a new mod

- You just have to make sure that all the files are in the following folder within your mod: SKSE\plugins\CharGen\presets There must be all the .nif and .slot and all other files.

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