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Mcm menu for SexoutNG 2.9.92 is empty

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Just curious if this got resolved.  I noticed the same thing.  I have 2.9.92 (shows 2.10.93 in game).  I've tried disabling all the mods that use MCM, I've reinstalled MCM and nothing works.  Also, Sexout is the only mod that I'm having problems with, all others work fine.  The only thing that does work is running the beta.  MCM works fine with that.  This is very strange.  From what I can see, the code in the 2 versions is identical so there has to be something else going on.  I am running MO, but that also should not impact this.

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same here. for some odd reason it just stopped to show up the mcm menu.

what i did then:

- checked if i missed something on the way (nvse 4.6.3.B from spunk thread combined with nx 16 manuell installed)

- check for latest version installed (core 2.9.92 and data 2.8.83 ) /redownloaded it.. no mcm menu

- looking at my SCR... only sais "SCR-20150402" (must be the current one since i downloaded it only two days ago with all the stuff on the DL page just to miss nothing)

- playing around with load order didn't fix it :/  (running FOMM btw)

- deactivated every mod that comes with mcm menus (except NG and scr stable and mcm) but no menu

- unchecked everything (even official dlcs only running mcm and NG alone) and deactivated archive invalidation: my toon was ugly as f*ck but mcm menu was still missing (reactivated a-vali ... no effect)

- rechecked some SO-mods : no mcm menu (only running spunk, preg stable , scr stable, NG and mcm)

- testing with 93b7 : mcm menu working (with and without all other mods i installed)

- testing with 93b10 : mcm menu working (with and without all other mods i installed)


can it be that i still missed something? i'm on a good dose of painkillers (no try for excuse but i would feel better if you can tell me that i simply overlooked something)

on the other hand i wonder if this is something that spunk is messing up since i got a error in it after getting "force loved" by someone or something... just checked it after installing the current NG version (always the same error.. will be asking the doc with this one in time if there's no update in any kind in this week allready planed by him)

93B versions: the errors changed what was to be expected since spunk might not be 100% compatible to the beta versions of NG or betas not working with spunk since the errors changed... but this is about NG so back to topic: running the beta NG brings back the mcm menu but maybe disturbes other mods which are in need of the current stable NG but i didn't see any greater problems at this moment now since i just restarted a new game and only do some sidequests

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