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Typical CTD, please help


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My pap log is attached..



(I tried to troubleshoot this myself, however i'm hoping someone like a modder has a better idea of what is okay)


Since i'm not too experienced with this bug fixing, I did notice that something with a weapon rack was causing issues-


I looked at at my save game's scripts and just did a quick fix #'s with a program.... not sure that was the best way to do it.



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Holy crap... 22,000 lines?

Sorry, I don't really know how to read these, but 4mb of text after two minutes of playing seems... excessive.

But at first glance, it looks like there's a problem with weapon racks or the USKP... about 20,000 of those lines are concerned with missing properties on weapon rack scripts.


Of the remaining ~750 lines...

~80 The rest of the warnings seem to be concerned with estrus, which is known to have some problems.

~550 lines look like they have to do with Captured Dreams and Zaz animation pack, including a lot of stack dump

~30 warnings seem to have something to do with a TJoP Horse Fix, whatever that is.

~45 lines about 83 willows 101 bugs and wearable lanterns that appear to not be loaded...?

The rest seem to be about hearthfire and a host of smaller stuff.


Thing is, I'm not sure how much of that is actually important to the game... but if I had to hazard a guess, your problem has to do with those 20k lines of weapon rack something-or-other.

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XD I thought 20K lines was a bit excessive.


It was taking a long time to load each save.


But have you any idea how to fix any of them? The thing is, I think I made quite a few mod changes at once, which may have caused that.

Would fixing some of the scripts I have fix the problem if all of these issues are caused by scripts?

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Honestly? I have no idea. I'd recommend trying one (or more!) of the various save cleaner utilities out there.




I think I made quite a few mod changes at once, which may have caused that.

Did you uninstall any mods from an active game? Skyrim bakes a lot of stuff into the saves, so uninstalling mid-game can be quite problematic.

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