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Having issues with neck seam CBBE


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Hello once again lovers lab.


I come to you with a bit of a problem. So i am currently using ECE CBBE slim and porcelain pale vampire skin with YgNord.

Now. I "seam" to have a problem with a neck seam..a weird one.

So instead of being a mismatched colour, it is instead as follows!.




Note : i have indeed tried using Calientes texture blender, i've installed it using two seperate file paths(using MO)i pointed one to the ygnord textures folder(not sure if it should be meshes A.K.A "texture blender")it didn't recognize the any textures and the other way i did it was installing the skin mod the normal way using texture blender like that, then copying the files to ygnord folder but. This method changed the colour of the neck and did not fix the blood seam.


Please halp <(T-T)>


Edit : this could actually be caused by skyrims default engine restriction of no blood on character faces, the only way to override the engine default is with bloody facials mod.

This is highly probable but im willing to try a couple of things.

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Yep looks like a problem with the blood decals. You'll see similar things with only vanilla textures + enhanced blood textures effects.

Hmmm, it actually seems to be an actual seam problem because i tried adding neck makeup to test it and it had the seam :T.

Now i thought of copying the meshes from the CBBE neck seam fix to YgNord folder but i don't know.


Any ideas?



Note : i said seam to much XD

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tbh I just use the default Caliente textures that come with the CBBE body and I've had literally zero issues with neck seams.

Yeah me too, i don't have any issues when using the default textures but this character is a vampire so i'd really like to use these textures :(

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Seems to me like it's either your face texture overwriting it or that the blood texture is not designed to wrap around facial regions/is its own mesh worn as a new transparent layer(?).

I think your first suggestion might be correct. That specific blood texture mod shouldn't be the issue since i know blood decals on character faces are restricted by the game system itself.

This is also YgNord so..not much i can do here and i don't want to mess up my preset XD

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