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Male character creation?


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Hi, I have been playing as female character (using ECE + Racemenu), but I wanted to try playing anew game with male character.


I do not mind whether it is lore friendly or not (as long as I don't mind staring at it once in awhile)


Is there any kind of mods such as face model (like how ECE/racemenu changes female character face) for male?





I looked through some of mods in LL but can't seem to find it (maybe i am blind...)


Is there any mods that makes male "beautiful"? or at least have different face morph.

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use Fine Face Texture from urshi  :shy:

well , since i using Racemenu . you can easy edit it with scultping 

or , when you using ECE . try use YgNord race since they have young cute looking face for male.

there's many preset that you can use from N*xsus but most of them were ECE preset(most of them female preset , so a bit hard to find it)

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