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Flat breast


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I have a problem in my new game : My character CBBE has flat breast. When i activate the console, the breast is normal. When i desactivate, it is flat... 

Can someone help me, please ?


i use :

Caliente + bodyslide 2

HDT Physics Extensions

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

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It sounds like an issue with the HDT Physics, I have heard of this before with bouncy animations. Check and see if the body and such you chose is supported by the HDT Physics plug in you chose, other than that I would try a step install. A step install is when you install one or two things, verify they work and proceed to the next step. I  frequently see where a step was missed, usually by accident, or people getting in a hurry , <enter I am guilty of this one here>. Let me know if I can help you further isolate your issues. Also post a load order of what you have and possibly a papyrus log.

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If you haven't already, check that the skeleton was the last thing you installed. Some mods (notably armor and some custom animation mods) can have skeleton's and/or custom bodies attached to them which might over-write your XP32. Also check that you have the necessary lines added to your skyrim.ini they are shown on the nexus HDT page.  ;)

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Oh thank you very much for that, this research and investigative trail.

My problem was repaired ... I don't know exactly how. I used "Caliente's Bodyslide" to change the body .. and it works.

I wish here give better information to those who may have this problem.

Thank you again: )

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