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Arrows are going higher than crosshair


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As above, no matter when I'm sneaking or standing arrow always goes a little higher than crosshair.


Mods which modify archery: 

Proper Aiming


Locational Damage

Better Eagle Eye and Steady Hand Redux

Ultimate Spinning Arrows


Skyrim.ini file: 



fOverShoulderCombatAddY=-15.0000   //When weapon is out: zoom in/out
fOverShoulderCombatPosZ=-10.000    //When weapon is out: height
fOverShoulderCombatPosX=-35.0000   //When weapon is out: left/right distance from the center
fOverShoulderPosZ=-10.0000         //When weapon is NOT out: height
fOverShoulderPosX=0.0000           //When weapon is NOT out: left/right distance from the center
fOverShoulderHorseAddY=-200.0000   //While on horse: zoom in/out
fOverShoulderHorsePosZ=75.0000     //While on horse: height
fOverShoulderHorsePosX=0.0000      //While on horse: left/right distance from the center
fMouseWheelZoomMinDelta=0.000      //Not sure what it does exactly
fMouseWheelZoomSpeed=14.0000       //Speed of the zooming in/out
fMouseWheelZoomIncrement=0.6000    //Increments, not sure how it does work, but currently it's 3 steps, min, med, max. Proportional with Min/Max VanityModeDist
fVanityModeMinDist=80.0000         //Min distance from the character (min zoom out)
fVanityModeMaxDist=240.0000        //Max distance from the character (max zoom out)
fPitchZoomOutMaxDist=0.0000        //Set to zero so when looking down the camera won't go further away

And 2 screenshots:
Hope you can help me.
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as I said, like the crosshair placed now is, "such" find I personally it best.
if it were deeper, you would have at distant targets a small problem!
your hand and arm would "covered" the target, such that it would no longer be visible to you. (so no targeted shot).

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I'm getting out of ideas. I've tried to reinstall Proper Aiming but first person is somehow broken. Just look at this:

In 3rd person: http://imgur.com/MfKRjXt,8noAUL3#0(everything is ok)

In 1st person: http://imgur.com/38dQvaq,0ybQWB5#0(i just wanted to check, on these ss f1PArrowTiltUpAngle is set to 50.0, arrow treats the same way no matter what f1PArrowTiltUpAngle is set to)


I just want arrow to treat same way in 1st person view as in 3rd person view, simple as that, but somehow i can't do it.



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