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Yeah I saw the slave Leia, but the top and bottom pieces are not separate that I'm aware of. I would gladly use it if it was, and it was hdt enabled.

I checked both the Slave Leia and Slave Leia Renewal meshes and both can have the tops removed through NifSkope with no problem though the Slave Leia costume does have one extra chain collar piece up top to be aware of.

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Well for the extra chain collar piece you could throw the texture file for it into gimp2 lasso the chain use the cut option then go to file overwrite .dds file. Then in both _0 and _1 nifs right click the chain and go to node - attach property - NiAlphaProperty which will then make the chain become invisible. Then save as to overwrite the nif. Just make sure to do it to both nifs or it will not change in game.

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