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Cbbe , meshes and texture missing?


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I assume you mean in Bodyslide, there are plenty of videos showing how to use it. However, if you are using Mod Organiser you will need to run it as an exe in MO rather than just from File Explorer, as per everything else with MO.


Sorry I can't help more but I'm not familiar with Bodyslide myself.

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i have read this and i understand little of it ,what is loose filles?? and bs/os stands for ?



Q7: The meshes in my preview windows have a black mask all over them saying "no image". How do I make the right textures appear?

A: You need the outfit and body textures installed as loose files in your "Skyrim/Data/textures" directory.
Only then BS/OS will be able to find and load them. The program doesn't read *.BSA archives yet.


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