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Help with Dawnguard mods


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Well, you have to figure it out by yourself because there  a hundreds of mods. But here is the index of the mods. Read the main page descriptions and mod dependences of the wanted mod and voila... :)




Not everyone is here for sex mods Germanicus, especially since this is in the NON-ADULT section.......




OP, I'd suggest playing through Dawnguard first as it is before you start modding it up. It's always best to play the vanilla version to get a feel for things before you go changing it all up with mods.


But, the only thing I would recommend that is not game changing, is Dynamic Vampire Appearance and Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes. Since you're going to be spending a lot of time with vamps, these are two really awesome cosmetics to make vampires look better. Oh and as well, the Unoffical Dawnguard Patch of course (assuming you're using the Unoffical Skyrim Patch already).

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