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No Animations With SexLab Defeat

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Hi guys! I have been playing Skyrim since the start, but till now I could not figure out the problem with SexLab framework. I have tried hundreds of tutorials from YouTube videos stating how to make it work, installed/uninstalled Skyrim more than a thousand times but still I had no luck with it. I am angry, feeling to kill those guys who created all. I guess creating executable setups would have been be more easy for us.


Any SexLab Mod stucks at only the point where the people just stand and no animations are played. With SexLab Defeat, the player just kneel down on her legs and one hand, she strips without any animation, next the 2nd person strips also with no animation, and both the guys just stay there, the player kneeling down and the 2nd character just standing, sound comes, but with no animation, lastly the player stands up.


I have updated FNIS, SKSE, SexLab FrameWork, SkyUI and operating with Mod Organizer.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you

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