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Small Animator - Fallout NV

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A smaller version of AnimTool, not much more to say. It allows to invoke on the fly 9 different animations ingame, using 9 different hotkeys. Everything's configurable via MCM.

Actually there are included 3 unarmed combat animations (a spin kick, a kick, a punch with the palm of the hand) and six vanilla dances. To change them, just replace the files located in the path Data\Meshes\characters\_male\IdleAnims\aPA. You must use the same exact name of the existing files, so you must replace them.







Use a mod manager or unzip everything under data, as always







NVSE only. However the 3 unarmed combat animations are BnB, so you need a compatible skeleton




Not much more











This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.

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It's a really useful mod. Simple and well done. Thanks.


Little suggestion:


While we choose to use "loop" animations, why not make an "Automatic TFC" system (like the one there is with SexoutNG animations)?

Good thing to see yourself, for example, dancing in the Ace Theatre from the point of view of crews.

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I'm pretty sure I've seen mods that allow to control TFC, on nexus. Me, I never use TFC, when I watch myself I turn the camera keeping F pressed, I do it pretty often and I find it works better than TFC

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That's ok.


Another little suggestion:


An animation that lets the player to lay down everywhere, hands behind the head, looking at the sky, legs belonged crossed or bended on knees.

Typical "relax in the nature" position. Maybe with some benefits like +1 Stamina (temp), or a "well rested bonus" or something similar.


It's only an idea.

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Oh it's a very nice idea. I already did it for sitting and sleeping (inside the idles mod), where you can do that wherever you want. But I definetely could add a new relax animation like the one you described, I had it in Skyrim and it was so cute

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