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Looking for a UNP (not UNPB) Body with HDT and Belly Node


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So... DD doesn't support UNPB, CBBE pregnancy looks like ass (even with PSB) and is nightmarish to configure (trying to figure out what of 400+ things to check or uncheck is not fun), and HDT is required for bounce in sexlab, so that leaves me with one option: a UNP body with HDT and a belly node.


Here is the problem:

UNP HDT-PE BBP TBBP (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21199/?) lacks a belly node,

and all HDT bodies are UNPB (not compatible with DD),

and all the UNP bodies with a belly here are TBBP (non-bouncy in many sexlab animations).



So, the question stands: does a UNP body with HDT and a belly node exist?



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