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[REQ] Can anybody make me some custom eyebrows?


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I am making racemenu presets for young and beautiful women who were on the SyFy channel "ghost hunters" reality television franchise.


Instead of spending countless hours in RM messing with sliders and using the sculpting tool until I get the closest resemblance that I possibly can of the women in question, It would be a tremendous help if a skilled texture artist could make me some standalone eyebrows that have been realistically modeled after the following women.


I have very large photo galleries of the following women if you need artistic reference, just ask me and I will link you to galleries containing hundreds/thousands of photos of each woman.


Kris Williams (ghost hunters/ghost hunters international)

Susan Slaughter (ghost hunters academy/ ghost hunters international)

Heathyr Hoffman (ghost hunters academy)

Ashley Troub (ghost hunters)

Jane Riley (ghost hunters academy)

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