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having odd problem

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So i started a new game after much trial and error w/ mods.  And in this go around I don't know what is going wrong.  Plain and simple I evidently need Viagra.  My guy won't get an erection.  I had run a test yesterday and it said erection value=false.  


So i tried getting better males, nudes.  That fixed the problem sorta.  I then had 2 cocks.  One hanging limp which I believe is the SOS one and the new one from that addon.  So i removed better males, and reinstalled SOS and back to limp dick.  Hopefully its something simple and it just hasn't dawned on me how to fix it yet.  So suggestion be super appreciated.  


done, I've uninstalled and readded animated prostitution.  


Is it a sexlab thing?  I guess my next step I'll do right now is uninstall and add it back again.  I have both 150-150 and 160 alpha, but i had both before and didn't have this issue.  


Is framework necessary, i am not a modder.  just enjoy using them for now since switching from ps3 to computer just so i could fuck the wife lol.  TY to all that help.  

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yes i did, all systems go it said.   


I noticed i can play w/o sos, but made every male dead or alive w/ a hard on.  So I'm going back on now w/ reloaded items to see what is up.  Its just strange, the playthru i gave up on was fine. This one no boner lol.  I really really really don't want to start over again.

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Yeah with no pants everyone has a boner with better males. I don't use SOS so i cant help much. all i can say is go overall the req's and install procedures again 9 times outta 10 it is something missing , and try moving it around in your load order. I am pretty sure you can't run both Better males and SOS at the same time to any good result. As to starting over again

Probably not going to have to it's just body and textures and havok stuff not game breaking Shit. try reading the most recent posts at the sos area might be answers there.

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Ok i think i figured it out and will give answer here in case others have problems.  Turns out my xp32 skeleton wasn't installed properly.  Another necessary thing i had to do but isn't perfect is in Animated prostitution.  If I use normal body I stay limp.  if i use installed body works perfectly but penis is semi transparent looking.  If i use SOS body there is a crappy delay sadly.  takes about 15 seconds and then he gets a boner, then female starts putting clothes back on few seconds before the big messy finish.  So all 3 ways are flawed.  I'm going w/ middle one for now.  


NEW QUESTION IF YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THIS, in sexlab first option is all these stats for all the sex you have.  WEll mine doesn't work, never did.  

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