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Tabs for good J-rock/Metal songs for guitar?


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I'm trying to branch out into more Japanese music with my guitar playing, but I've already gone through the bands I listen to and found a lack of Tabs for their songs.


Taking any suggestions, you can drop a song link and I'll see about finding the tabs myself (or learning by ear which sucks) or if you find the Tab to it yourself post that link as well. If I can play 'em I'll link it here :P 


Open to anything you consider Rock or Metal, personally I listen to Dir En Grey, HYDE, VAMPS, Maximum The Hormone, Nocturnal Bloodlust among others so my rock/metal taste ranges from softer to pretty heavy stuff.


Oh and if anyone else here plays and uploads video's, please share! I love watching other people play too :D

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There's Deluhi and Undivide, disbanded bands of Leda, Currently in Babymetal/ Far East Dizain. There are a hefty amount of tabs and instructional videos for Deluhi and Undivide if you search hard enough. Tabs for Jbands are scarce. I've had to tab out a few Jsongs because tabs flat out didn't exist. Learning by ear benefits the player in the end imo.


As for other bands, there's Exist Trace, Galneryus, Lycaon, The G5 Project, Matenrou Opera, Versailles, Jupiter, NoGod.


Japanese Metal, of all things, is what made me pick up a guitar. Specifically this song:



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Same, I heard Versailles (And then found out Hizaki was a man T_T) and was hooked.

Also, Steve Vai. Influence/10


If I was the level of skill required to play some of their stuff I would but currently the speed picking in Galneryus/Versailles is beyond me lol. I'd love to learn Frontier by Deluhi but I haven't found a tab for it or a Tut. 

By ear I've only learned 2 songs which were really simple so it wasn't worth much to learn 'em DX 

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Take a look at mana from the old malice mizer days. Quite a shocker when I was told he was a man as well. 


I've not listened to much japanese music as of late, but others have told the big ones. D is pretty good, the vocalist has a hell of a voice. The GazettE is ones of my favourite J-metal bands, even now. I'm pretty out of speed now though. Some older bands have some pretty good rifts, X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Kagrra, Luna Sea etc. 

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