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Had to make a new account to even send this, which was originally to Ashal in the beginning of December but I guess they're very busy maintaining this place or I should've made a thread in the first place, but anywho---


So I registered under the name hikarushirou with the email hikarushirou @ gmail . com at some point but I couldn't remember the password. Figured maybe I didn't so clicked the Facebook button and went to make a new account but it said that username / email was in use. The name is unique to me so I know it's not someone else.


Tried to password reset but then it shows the Facebook again and I can't enter the "current" reset password to progress. I'm sure all I did was bookmark a couple threads with that account so if it could just be deleted? Or I guess have the FB part removed so I can just log in normally and cancel it myself. Whatever works, I have no idea.


Thanks in advance~

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