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I need help with japanise voices

Kuni Osaku

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Hello everyone


I watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ5EPsXkEdY.

An I dowload the files for the voices in tis topic:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/3113-tera-mod-collection/


But if I'm not mistaken, these archchives not change the voices of the dlcs.

What files do I need, to change also the voices of the dlcs?

you need voive .bsa for skyrim,Dragonboran,dawnguard

so you need 3 .bsa file 

 try google 1 time i read if you change language to japanes and uptade skyrim steam will instal language pack somethink like this  :shy:

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as say...


turn game in japanese, after the update download, make a backup of the voice .bsa (unpack .esm if needed, i not remember good). when you have the backup of the 3 files, just turn the game on english again on steam , redownload/update, and when its finish, simply put the voice .bsa you have backup . like this, you got japanese voice, with english sub.


in simple :

turn game in japanese, steam update, unpack skyrim.esm, dragonborn.esm,heartfire.esm and dawnguard.esm, they are some "voice" folder in it, take them backup, return game in english, steam update blablabla, when the game is finish in english, simply put these folder you got from japanese into skyrim/data/voice ( or sound, i not remember good) , anyway, i m sure you find the way. just use same path than when you have unpack them ( files have path in the .esm, like data/voice/character/argonian,etc.. as exempl)

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