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UNP Head Mesh and Textures

Majin Buu

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I installed Bodychange to use UNP Body witha quick MCM menu switch. I am trying to find a head Mesh and texture to use with since it doesn't come with it's own resources. I tried using Coverwomen but it's quite a bit lighter skin tone form the body that it just doesn't look right. Like a person's head who has never been in the sun with beech tanned body. Dunno if I am doing something wrong.I'm copying the meshes and textures into the BodyChange folder and worked fine for CBBE but since UNP doesn't come with head resources, need to find head resources so all i get is a purple colored head  :dodgy: .


An alternate acceptable solution if after loading the UNP body and using showracemenu, how do I get the changes to save? If it's the regenerate button, doesn't seem to be working for me.


Pics for reference. First pic in front of a torch, 2nd obviously in the open world.



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Whatever textures you add for the body also use for the head. If you use two different texture sets then you're bound to have a color mismatch. Get FairSkin or something and use the entire set.


I haven't used BodyChange. But it should have texture folders for head and body, right?


Forget Coverwoman. That was made when there weren't many custom bodies or textures. It was basically to make vanilla look better. But these days you'll get better results without it and simply relying on your custom textures and RM/ECE.

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Ya I am looking for a UNP/UNPB complete texture package. I just trying bodychange in a serious way starting several hours ago. All the textures are in the same folder. I'll give Fair Skin a try. That is like what I was looking for, a complete texture set. I've only used CBBE main and CT77 CBBE without messing with texture packs.

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