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Skyrim Backup - Best way?


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I'm switching over to Intel next week. So I need to reinstall my OS togheter with Skyrim. How should I backup my game and mods?

My plan was to just save the Skyrim folder on another drive.. and then copy paste that over a fresh Skyrim install. Any other ideas?

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What I do for a back-up copy of Skyrim since I bought mine on steam, is that when I downloaded the files and installed them, I made a copy of the entire skyrim folder and renamed it "Skyrim backup". If I ever need to completely undo my modding BS and start fresh again, all I do is delete the folder in which I was playing and make a new copy from the backup copy. Takes up room on my drive, yeah; but saves me hours of downloading.

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If you're using NMM you'll need to back up your mod folder and any other folders you keep manual mods in. Download skyrim from Steam and get it set up (start it once), then overwrite with the backed up copy of skyrim. Install NMM and overwrite the new mod folder with the backed up one (c:\games\nexus mod manager)


You'll also need to reinstall SKSE and FNIS once you've got skyrim in place.


It's pretty straightforward

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