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need help with sexlab

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This is the zaz down load page,




You need all 3 of the files ignore the german one, move the character to breezehome or other location thats small and does not have any other people in it, uninstall zaz, check to make sure all the zaz scripts are gone, then install the


ZazAnimationPack_Main_V0600.7z first then

ZazAnimationPack_Textures_V0600.7z overwrite any files installed by the main then install the

ZazAnimationPack_Patch_V0604.7z again overwrite any files previously installed.


When you have done all that the next time you load the save game you should get a message saying something like, zaz animation v604 installed or upgraded can't remember which off hand though


To help keep track of stuff and updates here I bookmark the download page for mods I installed, then you can just check each mod, just wish nmm would allow you to add download pages for non nexus mods, just for convenience.

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Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Unofficial Skyrim patch Dawnguard.esm Unofficial Dawnguard patch Dawnguard.esm Hearthfires.esm Unofficial Hearthfirepatch Dragonborn .esm Unofficial Dragon born patch hdt Hih Heels.esm Zaz animation pack Schlongs of Skyrim Sexlab.esm Devious devices Assets Sexlab aroused Devious Devices integration daymol (Death alternative basically) Devious Devices expansion Race menu.esp Death Alternative Survival Headtracking.esp chfshPlayer voice setsWhen vampires attack.esp Realistic ragdoll Race menu XPMSE.esp Apropros.esp Imersive FP.esp FNIS sexy move .esp Lovers victim .esp Proper weapon scale Better vampires ML.esp Sexlab Dialogue .esp Deviously helpless.esp Amazing follower tweaks SD cages .espCaptured dreams.esp Devious Deviants.esp Run for your lives.esp xaz Prison overhaul.esp SMIM Merged all.esp Daymol Dawnguard addon.esp Race menu plugin.esp Schlongs of Skyrim.esp Sexlab Submit.esp Sexlab defeat.esp SkyUI.esp Sneak Tools.esp Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp SOS(Schlongs Of Skyrim) Smurf Average addon SOS Vector Plexus Muscular Addon.esp SOS Vector Plexus regular Addon.esp SOS Race menu.esp Spouses enhanced.esp Apachii Wigs .esp Alternate start live another life.esp Alternate start live a deviant life.esp 


thats all my mods in order sorry if it's a bit much. and I really appreciate your help :)

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Neat, at least were getting somewhere, after sorting out your load order to make it readable, I'm assuming the appearance of dawnguard.esm twice is a mistake, there's nothing there to make me think load order is a problem, though how are you sorting your load order?, loot? the boss replacement or some other way?


Though the semi working is odd, they usually either work or don't work, and don't work is usually crash to desktop when they try to run, only thing I can really think of is incompatability between some of the mods, or something in the load order is wrong.


Hmm, other thing I can think off is look at your papyrus log, and see if its throwing up missing mods/scripts, best way to examine it is use one of the log readers, I use this one http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42815/?


The log should be in your my documents\my game\skyrim\logs\scripts folder, if its not there, then check the skyrim.ini file my documents\my games\skyrim folder and look for the following lines;




If they are there, add them to the ini file then save it, load the save game and try getting the animations to run, some of the mods have special options to add extra details to the papyrus log to make debugging easier.

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Uhh... Ok I'll try that. Also whenever the orgasm plays Apropos says none. Also I uninstalled and reinstalled all the mods but it's still having trouble. Exactly where and how do I find that log thing


The post just above yours says where the log should be and how to get it if it isn't there.

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If any of the mods call upon creatures to rape etc., then yes you need creatures,


the papyrus log should be in the


<machine account name>\my documents\my game\skyrim\logs\scripts\Papyrus.0.log


In my case the machine account name is simon so its


simon\my documents\my game\skyrim\logs\scripts\Papyrus.0.log


If its not there I told you a couple of posts higher how to set skyrim up to produce one, just out of curiosity is your save game in the


my documents\my game\skyrim\saves  directory?


If you have skse properly set up there should be a skse and saves directory in there, and there should be skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini there as well


If not then you have a problem as that's where it should be, unless your using a save game manager which will allow you to change it, but as people have said in your other post in this forum about this, we are getting to the point where nothing can be done without your papyrus log file. Finis log and a readable load order.


Put them inside spoiler tags so they don't cover massive amounts of space in posts.


Oh and are you launching the game from the skselauncher.exe and not the normal tesv.exe or the steam launcher as that will mess it up as well.


After you load the game, then hit esc., to goto load/save, options etc, if you look at the bottom left corner where it shows the game version number, do you see the version number for skse?

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I just noticed you had another post dealing with the same problem, I was kinda wondering why I was the only person answering you, oh well at least its solved.


You should also have got a friend invite from me on steam assuming you gave me the right details.

Actually I can't I haven't purchased anything from the steam store yet lol, I'll send you my profile in a message :)

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