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custom dog race + SexLab - possible without scripts?

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Alright, short version, since I know people are allergic to walls of text.


I made a custom dog race ( "Husky448CompanionRace") based on the armored husky companion from Dawnguard ("DLC1HuskyArmoredCompanionRace"), and now seek to add it to SexLab...


I tried to add the custom race to the sslCreatureAnimationDefaults script file as suggested in another thread, then recompiled it (without error!)... but in game, it still does not work. All "normal" dogs, including the Dawnguard ones, work okay, so it seems this way of adding a custom race is no longer viable (or I made a mistake).


In another (somehwat newer) thread, Ashal (sp?) gave the following code snippet:

int i = SexLab.CreatureAnimations.Length
while i
	i -= 1
	sslBaseAnimation Animation = SexLab.CreatureAnimations[i]
	if Animation.HasRaceID("WolfRace")

Problem for me is I have no freaking clue what to do with that piece of code. (Scripts and me is like asking a squirrel to perform successful brain surgery... ^_^)


Could anybody in the know deign to give me a helpful hand here, please?



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