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Problem with saves


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I had to reinstall Win7 and Skyrim yesterday. Then i learned that I have two problems with my saves.

1. Whenever I do manual saving in the new slot, the games always gives the same number to saves. So I have 5 saves with the same number.

2. The list of the saves descending instead ascending


I searched the net for the answer but couldn't find it. Any suggestion and help is appreciated.

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Problem solved: I just had to delete the save with number one, and now all my saves have proper numbers and are ascended.

The cause of the problem was in wrong date in system. When I installed and started to play Skyrim, my calendar was set on wrong date and time zone (16th of February and time zone on US). The true was that was 15th of February and time zone is central European. So, when I imputed the correct time zone, the game got "confused" and was saving my game in descending order. That's why I had to delete save 01, and all works fine.

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