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How to use camera controls in a Sexout animation, zoom and rotate


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I'm just making this thread for other idiots (i.e. new Sexout users) like myself. Because it may save you hours of frustration, and being on the verge of uninstalling like I was. And hopefully it will show up in a Google search, and be of help.


So exactly how do you zoom and rotate in a Sexout animation? Use the W A S D keys, duh (I was fixated on using the mouse, the scroll wheel, F and R keys, and such). Perhaps this use of WASD is documented somewhere, but I sure managed to blow over it. And I'm guessing others might too. Okay, now to get on with playing Fallout NV...

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I was reading (older) posts here about using a console command, although none of those seemed to mention exactly what that command was (just that you had to exit the console before the animation ended, or you would crash the game). And I wasn't aware that it was a default Bethesda thing - I'm not a modder, just a new Fallout NV player. Anyway, you guys seemed to have now figured out how to encorporate it without actually entering the console itself. So great work. (I seem to remember reading an old post by you saying something like it couldn't be done?)


I also know I read something about the UFO camera in one of the MCM menus. Maybe you could mention the controls in the hover-over information box in a future update? It might help the learning impaired like myself pick up on this.

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The controls are mentioned in on-hover, when you're in MCM. It's the text box at the bottom of the MCM page, that's just how MCM works. The setting says "Use TFC During Sex" and when you hover over it, the bottom of the screen says "If checked, the tfc command will be used during sex scenes". I do expect players to have some idea of what these acronyms (TFC = Toggle Flying Camera) and such in the games mean. I know not everyone will, but I can't fit a glossary/dictionary in MCM.


To answer you question, yes, it was impossible until about a year ago, maybe six months, when jaam added the con_tfc command to NVSE. Scripts were not able to toggle that camera before. We still cannot check the state of the camera, so I strongly recommend you don't change that setting when a sex animation is playing on the player.

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