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FOnline: Reloaded (an MMORPG based on Fallout 1&2)


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I now have my own tent and safe storage in it. Crafted a primitive tool but I'm yet to find a tree to obtain some wood. :)


I wonder if the game includes the "become a porn-star" type thing in New Reno, or a "back-floppin' work" in Redding for female characters, though probably too much to hope for. Doesn't seem that kind of a game.

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Have you checked out the wiki yet? Quite a lot of information there about the game. Click on the location you're at on the map below and find out about the stuff you can do at that location (quests and stuff).




Try to talk to NPCs, that's how you progress in the game. They'll teach you how to do stuff. Someone at the Gun Runners even gave me a free pistol and some ammo, for instance.


Some advice for beginners:




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yes I checked many guides but I still have few issues. And about the quests the wiky is far from detailed, it just says the same exact things it tells me in game. But if I didn't understand where to put those crates in the Hub and the wiky simply repeats what's written in game, I doubt it will help me :D

I guess I took it with the wrong philosophy... I don't know, I didn't have all these difficulties with FO2... now, let's see if I'll understand where to put those crates...

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You haven't seen this then...






I figured that out almost immediately, however I've had some difficulty in finding out how to do the "shit shoveling". I think unlike the original games certain actions in this game depend on the context. By that I mean, an action only becomes available if you've equipped the right tool in your hand. For instance, only if you've equipped a shovel in your hand, the action to pick it up with the shovel becomes available (displayed as a green text). Similarly, you must equip a hatched or a primitive tool to cut down a tree for firewood.


BTW, I agree that the game is not a hand-holder, so it would be a good idea to read the introduction guides a bit before starting the game.





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TBH, there are enough stuff in these guides to make me hate this game. Personally I've never liked MMOs, and I've actually been playing the game as if it's a single player Fallout game. You know doing the odd jobs, role-playing etc., but now I've realized that the game is basically a PvP with a nasty group of people and not at all for people who like slow-paced role-playing type of thing. Anyway, I've given it a try at least.

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No I didn't see that picture :D


However it's what I figured on my own, I got stuck because it doesn't allow me to drop the crates out there. Then I saw that everywhere in the map there are crates inside containers (like desks) and I thought that maybe that garage wasn't the answer...


The pvp aspect on a mmo is nice in my opinion, I find the end game completely dead without pvp. But guides that speak about builds and power levelling or gaining more loot etc.etc. destroy the concept of RPG. Then everything starts spinning around competition, around "u mad bro?" and cr*p like that, just like good ol' days in APB... now I get why many people were writing things on forum like "don't get upset, it's just a game" :D

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oh well, I thought it was normal, meeting people in an online game.

However while random gamers could be annoying especially in an open pvp environment, it's also true I had very wondrous moments in the past, in mmos. I really believe it's all in the party you find and that you too could have a lot of fun in a MMO with the right people

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Heh. I earned enough caps to go buy myself a car. So I went to New Reno and when I spawned in the map someone shot me with a Missile Launcher and took all my hard earned caps. I raged quite a bit after that then went on to grind for some more cash again.


Still, it's pretty fun. There are SOME nice people in the Hub. It's a hassle to look for vendors that have lots of caps in their inventories so it's kinda hard to trade your stuff for caps if you figure out how to farm them.


I'd advice you to stay away from northern areas until you know for sure you can fight back in PVP. Get the Ranger perk as soon as possible so you get a bigger camp with a crafting table. Never bring caps when you go out. Use the bank. Tag small guns, it's a huge life saver. High intelligence is great too.

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Guest marieruth

You know, for a while I thought that game was dead. And I remember seeing bitchy comments on whatever site that hosted it... It's good to see that it's active again from what I'm getting from this thread...

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