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Beamer's Arrow Grease


It really is just about arrows!


I made this quite a while ago because I was looking for a bit more variety in arrows but couldn't find a mod that did so without going overboard on special effects, being overpowered, or adding a whole lot more stuff than I wanted. This mod only contains a bunch of recipes and new arrows and essentially offers a way to 'temper' arrows. There are no scripts, no magic effects, and with the exception of putting a couple of notes and grease samples in strategic places, there are no changes in any vanilla records. As such it should be safe to install and uninstall this mod as often as you like, and the load order should not matter. The only requirement is an updated Skyrim, no DLCs are needed.


This mod will add recipes for 2 different types of grease: Arrow Coating Grease and Arrow Silencing Grease. These greases can be applied to common arrows (in batches of 24) to improve their qualities a little. This is essentially the archery version of the modern teflon coated bullet, the greases increase the pentration power of arrows through armor, skin, scale and bone.


Arrow Coating Grease will add 2 damage to the arrow's vanilla damage.

Arrow Silencing Grease will add 3 damage to the arrow's vanilla damage and will silence the arrow.


Both greases can be applied to all vanilla arrows except Training Arrows and Daedric Arrows. In other word, the best arrow you can make with this mod is the Silenced Ebony Arrow, which does 23 damage, 1 short of the Daedric Arrow. I excluded the Daedric Arrows so as not to change the maximum damage that can be done with a bow. Creating and applying the greases does not require or increase any skills, all you need is the required ingredients and access to the necessary crafting stations. Ingredients for the Arrow Coating Grease are easily found throughout Skyrim, even for low level characters. The ingredients for the Silencing Grease are a bit harder (but not at all impossible) to get in large quantities.


Here's the full list of added arrows and their damage ratings:

Coated Falmer Arrow - 9

Coated Forsworn Arrow - 9

Coated Iron Arrow - 10

Silenced Falmer Arrow - 10

Silenced Forsworn Arrow - 10

Silenced Iron Arrow - 11

Coated Nord Arrow - 12

Coated Steel Arrow - 12

Silenced Nord Arrow - 13

Silenced Steel Arrow - 13

Coated Orcish Arrow - 14

Silenced Orcish Arrow - 15

Coated Dwarven Arrow - 16

Silenced Dwarven Arrow - 17

Coated Elven Arrow - 18

Silenced Elven Arrow - 19

Coated Glass Arrow - 20

Silenced Glass Arrow - 21

Coated Ebony Arrow - 22

Silenced Ebony Arrow - 23


Coated Arrows require 24 arrows and Arrow Coating Grease to make. Silenced Arrows require Arrow Silencing Grease instead of Arrow Coating Grease. To find out how to make and apply these greases, look around for some "Very greasy notes" in world. You will typically find these notes in or near locations where Archery trainers can be found, as well as in one particularly well known and loved starter-friendly Inn. You are not required to find and read these notes in order to make the arrows, however the recipes will only show up at the respective crafting stations if you have all the required ingredients in your inventory, so without the notes it may take you a while to figure out how they are made.


If you really cannot find the notes, check the spoiler below for excact locations:



Notes can be found:

- In the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, on top of the Alchemy crafting station.

- In Faendal's house in Riverwood, on the table.

- In the Ragged Flagon in Riften, on the bar.

- In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary near Dawnstar, on the small table near the little indoor garden.

- In Agni's camp, on the table in her shack.






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  • 3 years later...

This looks great! Can't believe I never saw it before! Without trying it yet, I'd probably prefer the grease be tied to archery and crafting skill, ie 30 in each to make grease, 50 in each to make silent grease. Or something. Gonna give this a try for sure though!

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