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One thing I wanna see before I die(Which is quite a ways off, don't worry.xD)


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One thing I'd really like to see, is a conversion of all/most of the sex animatons from Lovers with PK in oblivion to our very own Sexlab. We should get a few animators together to get this done...if it hasn't already. Because I've yet to see it. xD Anyone agree with me?

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My apologies, but we have to drastically reduce your life span, so..





Anyway, I am not really familiar with animations, but isn't it rather impossible to convert animations from Oblivion to Skyrim because of the skeleton and their bones? So it would be necessary to re-create them from scratch to add the Lovers with PK to SexLab..I guess.

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I believe the problem is with the new animation system they implemented in Skyrim.

I believe all the animations would have to be remade from scratch using it.

I don't think they can be convertered or we would have seen them already.


This is just me taking a wild guess, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff.


"We kind of reinvented the whole thing and started with a brand new animation system. From there it was like, what do we do with this?" said lead animator Josh Jones


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Ahh..great..figured as much..>< Back when I first got Sexlab working, which was a good while ago, I was a bit disappointed that it seemed like none of Lovers with PK animations never made it to SL. But maybe we could get a few animators together(If we can...><), have them look at the animations in oblivion, then use some kind of program to make a reference to how the animations look(Possibly screenshots, but of course, no motion on them would be a problem.), and then just make new animations using those references.

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I have not done alot of modding but I have done some animation. Going from one game to another is one thing, rigging and such is another.

What people have done on this site is amazing, considering the amount of work involved with animating skeletons and getting  things to look sort of normal.

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