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How to add and correctly place a tattoo I made?


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I just want to add a single black dot/mole-style on one boob as a tattoo instead of editing the body textures and having everyone with the same feature.

I've read that I have to add the .dds file on tintmask for a specific race on the CK.


My only issue is that how do you place the tattoo in a specific part of the body? (not face)

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Tattoos in this case are overlay textures. In order to get it right where you want, you will have to load up your body texture in gimp/photoshop/whatever, place the dot where you want it, making it white as I recall, and making the rest of the texture black.


As for implementing it, I recommend the Racemenu mod as it can handle applying overlays, and there are tutorials for making your own overlays for it.

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Personally I'm editing tintmasks.


A neck, nose, frownlines , cheeks1,2 are perfect for replacing for your own face paintings.


But if you want it to be on the body , I would suggest SlaveTats or RaceMenu overlay system. Easiest way.


Or use bodychanger tools.



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