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ENB's ... which one should I take


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hey guys, 


after a little break from Skyrim (forced) I am installing the game again.


But I got the little problem that I didn't follow skyrim modding comunity in this time.


So now I don't really know which ENB's are out there and which are worth trying out.



Are there any new epic ENB's that I should try out?



I was using Seasons of Skyrim the last time I played.


Hopefully you have some nice suggestions. :)



I'm looking forward for your answers.  :shy:

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I have used Skyrealism ENB evolved for some years but changed recently. I used the Cinematic Preset (without letterbox). It really is a good enb imo but performance hungry. I love the DOF it has. Currently I am using Realvision OptionB on 0.265 (it helped my framrate considerably) with the DOF from Skyrealism and I find it very nice. I am still tweaking here and there but I like how my current Skyrim looks. But as mentioned by others, so many other mods can play into how the final end product will look like. Too many to try, that is the issue :D

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Hi !


I was also like you 1 year ago, looking for a good ENB to try, one that would not look too bright/too dark. Someone suggested HRK ENB, and I have to say it's totally what I was looking for : vibrant colors, good looking landscapes, and I don't think it takes away that much of FPS at least my game run smoothly on my side, but it may not be the case for others.


In any case, the key is using the right ENB with the right mods to complete it ^^

But I really like HRK ENB, no bugs underwater/weird lights or anything for that matter, it's like a brand new vanilla game lol ! Especially with Tamriel Reloaded HD ! Here's a link : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39821/?it's called HRK ENB TWO now.


Here are some pictures with my new character :













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