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Can't Level up, but only sometimes


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im not asking someone to look through my mods list, that would be kind of stupid as i have +200 mods installed. And i know +200 mods in general is kind of stupid, so yeah.


all i'm asking is if anyone has ever had any kind of issues with leveling up before? i am having some seriously weird behaviour going on and have battled with it for +4 hours disabling and enabling random mods to see if it fixed my problem.


It seems to fix itself when i disable all Sexlab related mods, but still behaves weird afterwards, sometimes working with a male charr, and sometimes only with a custom female charr.


i am using ModOrganizer, and have been looking for what mods causes conflicts and overwrites and such, and no mods i have installed does anything with lvling except Tendo Skyrim Redone and SkyTweak, which im pretty sure ain't the problem, as i have made it work with those mods plenty of times in conjunction with sexlab.


so, has anyone seen anything similar? im able to gain experience but not lvl up?

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Do you have a form of Elys Uncapper or are your playthroughs not at that stage yet. Never had that levelling problem though, not sure what could cause it.

I would run Savegame Script Cleaner on your saves, that might get rid of the weirdness after your mass mod disabling.


Maybe slowly start enabling the Sexlab stuff to see if its just one mod in particular that stops the levelling.

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i have Skyrim Community Uncapper installed for Tendo Skyrim Redone, i have been doing my testing on new charrs, as the problem suddenly rose out of the blue at lvl 5 on one of my charrs. Then it has been going on/off with no real pattern, which confuses me as useually it's a single mod making the fuss. But i am currently testing, and it just doesn't seem to be a simple problem with a simple fix.


to put it into perspective, it "just" sometimes work on a new charr, and sometime it "just" doesn't, weird as hell. (with the exact same mods installed in the exact same scenario).

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Sexlab arousal occasionally causes skill gain to get weird if the penalty is too high

That's about the only thing I can think of in terms of adult mods.

Skytweak exp slider should be pretty obvious if it is working or not. Never mess with any uncapper or gameplay overhaul before.

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