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PlayerRef In act

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using SexOutNG How would be the simplest way to test in script that the player was in a sexual act, and also which type act they were in.


I have looked at the git, and I see the functions for this, but the actual syntax eludes me, I have reasoned out some of it, but much I am missing.


I need


easy way to see check that player is in act.


and see, check which type act


I was hoping someone could help me with a few examples

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if eval(1 == call fnSexoutActorInuse playerREF)
; player is in an act
What 'type' of act means what? Oral or whatever?



Thx U very much i found that right after post on the Git LOL


the first sample program you had there, Dummy me.




if eval((0 == call fnSexoutActorInuse refA) && (0 == call fnSexoutActorInuse refB))




Although this one is testing to make sure you are not in a sex act, I had assumed that the zero changed to a 1 would make it check that character or REF was in and act. But thx you for confriming that



I'm guessing he means what position. At least oral, anal, vaginal, or threesome, though I'm sure more specific isn't a bad thing.


  Yes that was what I was attempting to do, although I have found a work around that does okay for now.


I had atempted something like this im my quest script




if eval(1 == call fnSexoutActorInuse PlayerRef) && sexoutNG.actorb == PlayerRef && sexoutNG.IsAnal == 1




but this did not seem to work, I am thining there must be something to make it more specific to the Player character.

and the particular act that the player is in.


I Have sort of worked around it as I just made a quest var. to add to the dialoge script fragment. which is checked for in my quest Script, as in if Var. == 1 do something.


  For what I am wanting this actually works fine.


 But I would very much like to know or have a full example of how to do the paticular sex type check ( as in Anal,vaginal,Oral ) as well as if the player is involved in it with script, as I may very well have use for that in the future.


Thx U both very much for this help




Something else I used bdontredressA


like this




set sexoutNG.actora to this
set sexoutNG.actorb to PlayerRef ;Anal
set sexoutNG.IsAnal to 1
set sexoutNG.CBDialogA to GGNTCleanMStall01
set SexoutNG.bDontRedressA to 1
cios SexoutBegin




but ActorA still re-donned there clothing, am I doing it right ?

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Please please please please please.




Do not use this "Sexout.blah" and "SexoutNG.blah" shit. It's months old, not updated, and rarely tested except for backwards compatability.


Use the UDF API, or the NX API.


These are documented in the API wiki here: http://git.loverslab.com/prideslayer/sexout/wikis/api


It even answers your question about how to determine the sex type for any act that is in progress.

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