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Possible to reverse 'attacker' and 'defender' in animations?


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You can configure keys in Sex Lab via MCM menu, there is one that switches places don't remember which one tho should be the ones to right of your P and L button of your keyboard on default settings I use a latin amarican config thats why I didn't type the keys it may be different for you.




Wrong game there.  This is the Oblivion section.   :P

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As Vaelorian said, it is as simple as switching out the off and def animation names.

Writing a script to do that via a hot key in-game.......I couldn't do that to save my life.  Scripting ain't my bag.  I barely have time to do what little I have been doing with the creature overhaul on animations, and a back log so long I just don't have the free time to spend learning something new.  


However, if you really want a script written, try posting here:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/168-useful-community-scripts-to-start-mods-with/

WappyOne could probably whip a script together for this if no one else can.  


You might also look at WappyOne's version of RaperS.  I think he might already have done this.  I could be wrong, and it was just something he and I discussed via PM.  I have so little free time that I can't tinker anymore.  That and suffering from CRS.  :P

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Here's an example of some code from Wappy's Rapers with a little randomization thrown in (all this stuff gets called for in dialogue inspired by that bandits mod). Never got just the nude flags set to reversals to work alone.




short spos

ref me
short r

ref xme
ref zme
ref r0

ref bed

ref partner

Begin Function { me spos }

set xme to xLoversQuest.Offence
set zme to xLoversQuest.Defence
if xme == Player
set partner to zme
set partner to xme

Call xLoversCmnInitQuestInterface

set r0 to xme
set xme to zme
set zme to r0
set xLoversQuest.Offence to xme
set xLoversQuest.Deffence to zme

if spos>=1 && spos<=9 ;
set r to spos
elseif spos==-1
set r to GetRandomPercent * 8 / 100 + 1
if r >= 6
set r to r + 1
set r to GetRandomPercent * 9 / 100 + 1

set xLoversQuest.SPos to r

if bed

set xLoversQuest.OffNudeFlag to 128+256
set xLoversQuest.DefNudeFlag to 128+256+4096

set xLoversQuest.ExtFlag to 1 ; +1 Play on the Bed
set xLoversQuest.ExtRef to bed ; Use Bed Ref
set xLoversQuest.OffNudeFlag to 128+256
set xLoversQuest.DefNudeFlag to 128+256+4096
set xLoversQuest.ExtFlag to 0

Call xLoversMainSafeStart



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