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Adding sex to companions


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I guess you would need to add 2 parameters: Sympathy must be 100 and a certain duration of realtionship. Otherwise it is a question of self-restraint. In fact I kept my char from having sex with Vilja until she finally admitted she was in love with my char. Same thing was with Viconia: I could not imagine this dark, self-assured lady to give herself to just everybody.

At the same time I sacked my char´s former mates. With strong-willed, demanding companions as these 2 you probably won´t have too much left over for a "menage a trois". :D

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Agreed re Viconia' date=' i dont mess with her at all, she is too tough. I look forward to sex with her, but havent activated the Lovers files yet. I have then all installed..which one (s) enables "sex with anyone?"



Well if you want one that doesn't turn them hostile then adult play plus is what you are looking for. Now this is NOT 100% guaranteed acceptance!!!! You have to have a disposition of 75 or higher if I remember right or they will tell you to F off :)


If you don't care about turning them hostile then RaperS.

Joburg depending on the settings can turn Tamriel into an orgy fest - LOL!!!


More on plugin descriptions: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=65

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