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Hi, experienced Skyrim gamer, first time post on this forum


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I've been a member of two Skyrim forums since the game came out. I kind of avoided this one for a while because to be honest, your online ads made me horny even when I didn't want to be. With that out of the way, Hi.


I've been installing mods on my Skyrim game for 2 years now usually in the 30-50 mods or so neighborhood, but I finally got a PC with the hardware capable of running lots and lots of mods including graphical and animation mods, without any bottlenecks from my system.


I'm not installing adult oriented mods so much. The new PC has two GTX 970's in SLI, an i7 4790k, 16gb of 2400mhz RAM, 2 Terabyte Hard Drive, and a 4k monitor for pure gaming/Skyrim bliss. I want to play a heavily modded Skyrim game right now but I want someone experienced to talk to me on Skype (Skype name superjew113, James Stewart) who can guide me through the modding process of getting well over 100 mods to work as I'm trying to get the game to work with now 170+ mods. 


I am currently on a fresh install of Skyrim, I'm using MO and Wrye Bash in tandem and uninstalled my Nexus Mod Manager.


I have a mod free clean save just outside of the cave entrance for Helgen (I find this whole Falkreath area good for testing for CTD's particularly the road between the Guardian Stones and Riverwood).


I tried installing the first mod, which was actually a series of mods, to see if I can get it to work. Climates of Tamriel. My problem with Climates of Tamriel isn't the weather part of the mod, but making the nights darker. Simply put Climates of Tamriel, or the Weather Patch installed, neither one makes my nights darker. The only way I can achieve the desired result is to install Realistic Nights along with it. Before I do much more modding, I was hoping an experienced modder might help me through the process on Skype so the learning curve isn't quite so steep or why Climates of Tamriel isn't making my nights darker. 


I do watch lots of youtube videos on how to properly mod skyrim, I just need someone very experienced to help me get 150 mods or so working on my install of the game.

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