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Just two quick questions concerning game mechanics.

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This question is going to sound weird, but I'd really like an answer to this. Back when I played vanilla New Vegas my favorite passtime was killing members of the legion. I don't know why (Okay, I do, it's because they're sexist slavers) but it always gave me a euphoric rush whenever I took out their assassins that came for me. After finding out about Sexout I realized I could take my hobby to a whole new level! However, I seem to be having a problem... and thus my questions:


1. How do you rape people in sexout as a female PC.

2. Is there a way to use a strapon while doing it.


I'm just saying.. doing something like that to Ceaser before I killed him would just make my day.

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1. You need a plugin like sexout rapist or sexout rape game or bangatron for that.

2. Either Get sexout shop and buy a strapon or get it somehow else console, other plugins... . Then you have to use another plugin that uses strapons for f on f anims or others?. I think there were sexout strapon sex(the name gives it away :D it´s old don´t know if still ok),sexout sex?, the msex plugins definatly, the bangatron and some others (for rape by player only the ones in 1.).

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