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Demonica KS Hairdos


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  • 2 months later...

A bit late but maybe others would like to know too....


You can do it with the creation kit (sucks)...and you can do it with TES5Edit (rulez)...I tell you how to do it with TES5Edit...if you don`t know this program and do not know how to work with it...you have to learn it...sorry -.-

We are going to make a copy of kshairdos.esp that will only be used by demonica.esm. How? See below!


1. make sure, Demonica and KS Hairdos are both installed correctly

2. make a copy of KSHairdos.esp and rename it...for example: kshairdosdemonica.esp (this step will assure that the hairs are available for all other races too later)

3. load demonica.esm and the new kshairdosdemonica.esp in TES5Edit (leave everything except those two unchecked)

4. when finished loading...open the tree of kshairdosdemonica.esp on the left and click on "File Header"....in the window on the right look for an entry called "Master Files"...Skyrim.esm and Update.esm should be listed there as master files

5. next to the topic "Master Files" rightclick into the empty space (2 lines over Skyrim.esm)...you should get the context menu with the point "Add"...if you do not get it you clicked in the wrong column/line...check the fields again

6. after the info window popped up (click ok) you will see a new master file listed below update.esm without a name...rightclick next to "MAST - Filename" in the empty field and choose "Edit"...now inside the "Edit Value" window type in "demonica.esm" and hit "OK"...you successfully inserted demonica.esm as a master into kshairdosdemonica.esp...yeeh

7. close TES5Edit and let it save the new file...(the change of master files must be saved before we can edit the file)

8. now load TES5Edit and the two plugins again...(exactly step 3)

9. on the left open the file structure of demonica.esm and then open the topic "Head Part"...

10. click one of the entries that end with ...hair or ...hairline...on the right side at the bottom you see a line called "RNAM - Valid Races" next to it should be the line "HeadPartsDemonicaAndVampire [FLST:12345678]"...(the FLST-number differs)...now doubleclick that line...in the big popup window you can copy this line...do that!

11. now on the left open up the structure of kshairdosdemonica.esp and there open up the topic "Head Part"


12. and here comes the pain!! Go through EVERY point and overwrite the line next to "RNAM - Valid Races" (on the right side) with your copied line ("HeadPartsDemonicaAndVampire [FLST:12345678])...


so for example...you change "HeadPartsElvesandVampires [FLST:000A8024]" into "HeadPartsDemonicaAndVampire [FLST:0401BBB9]" (the numbers will be different)...do that for every single entry except those that are flagged as "male"...

whether the hair is for males or females can be checked on the right side next to the point "DATA - Flags"...if you see "female" than you change the line...if you see "male" you do not change the line

You can also leave out every hair which name ends with "_Elf" (demonica does not have elves at the moment so we do not need the hair variants for elves).


If it is too much for you to change everything in one session...just save the file and finish it later...it will take some time ^^

(If anyone knows a better, faster, easier way please tell.)


When finished overwriting everything save the file and make sure it is activated in Skyrim launcher...launch Skyrim...have fun!

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