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Hiyoko club son or daughter

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With my character near the end of pregnancy I made a save, then let her birth the child, reloaded the save, birthed again and so on about dozen times just to see what variety I would get in looks. I noticed that all I seem to get are boys, no girls. I removed all references to boys in the HiyokoClub.esm and Hiyokoclubgenerator.esp (the improved one on here somewhere) My character gave birth to nothing as if the mod tried to load another boy, found no data so gave no child. :huh:


Is this a bug? Is there any thing that I can change to force the mod to produce a daughter.

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Aint a clue greg' date=' but the version I have m8, no matter how many time my character has sex, she never ever falls pregnant..


Sorry just got those from the link you provided m8...Will give a try..



Skynet, remember Tamago club 1.12 and all the other plugins on that link are patches for Tamago club 1.04.

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