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Super long list of missing animations O_O!!


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Okay, I'm having some trouble with these sex mods. I run FNIS and I got this incredibly long list missing animations like Missing AnimFile DoggyStyle_A1_S1.hkx for character, mod SexLab. Does that mean that I just don't have the mod that has that specific animation? I assume that it's something that's inside SexLab by default that FNIS scans for. If it is an animation that's missing from a mod I don't have, will it affect another mod/s performance if it's a mod that's not required for another one to work? In other words, I don't want to download a mod that I don't want just to remove the Missing AnimFile (insert name here), hkx error and still have the other mods work without problems. I hope that wasn't confusing and that any help will be appreciated. I also apologize if a question like this has been asked before, but I didn't know where else to turn.


Edit: Well, I feel like a dummy. I downloaded the wrong SexLab file. I downloaded the right one and it's working now. Yea!

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