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Follower Mod/Resource limit?


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I downloaded a bunch of new follower mods from nexus (which have standalone resources) and I am unable to install them and get them to work.  I already had several running.  I also have a bunch of body resource mods such as apachiii hair mods, brow mods, etc


Installing more follower mods causes crashes, my characters  head to disappear, characters to disappear, and other issues depending on which save I load.


What is really interesting is that I tried starting a new game to see if I could with the follower mods installed.  What I found out is that the extra races I have installed disappear if I enable more than one of the additional follower mods.  This makes me think that I am running into some sort of boundary on the number of resources that can be handled by the game.  For example, if I have more than x number of hairdos available (255?) from combined total of all my mods will it cause all mod resources not to load? This might explain some of the behavior I am seeing. 

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