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HDT PE + Absurd Proportions - General Inquiries

Jayce Dimmer

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'Ello lads, got a feq questions 'bout this 'ere bounce-wiggle physics.
I'm using a CBBE body mesh with a few of my own sliders, and the proportions are just absurd. The resultant body is as if it has life-threatenin' macromastia, whilst being pregnant with a hunnard and one infants. Don't you look at me that way!


Thusly, I cannot find a truly suitable .xml file fer it. Closest I've come to is this .xml, but it is heavy on the framerate, and doesn't look right. The .xml is 128KB, whereas the default HDT .XML is 70KB. And yes, it has the ol' "HDT Belly" renamin' fix applied to it.
So here come me questions!
1) Is there a guide on how to use 3DS Max to create a proper .xml file? I've managed to flounder my way towards installing the Auto Pilot script from 'ere, and the Havok Content Tools for 3DS Max 2012. Only tutorial I've managed to find, is a video tutorial on how to add hair physics.
The problem with that is, well, it's a video tutorial about adding hair physics. I much prefer the ol' method of following typed up instructions, preferably about adding body physics.
And nay, I ain't worried about collisions. That'd just murder my ol' Phenom II.
2) Is there a way to disable HDT Physics in-game? I know the .ini file has "enableDeactivation = false" present, but I'm not even sure what that does. Is there a hotkey, perchance?
3) Is there a list of "response types"? From what I gather, the .xml file only makes use of "RESPONSE_SIMPLE_CONTACT".
4) Should I be too inept to use 3DS Max for making an .xml, what are the values I should change for some good ol' super-exaggerated breast swinging? 'Cause the .xml files, that I've managed to find, just look like minor twitches with that ungodly phenotype I've hacked together.
5) Do the PreBreast values do anything? Buggered around with them, and I can't see any change in how the body swings 'n' hangs.



So aye, tah in advance!

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1. Look up canderes youtube tutorials or his thread on getting started with 3dsmax under the tutorial subsection on LL


2. No, solver deactivation is a parameter for something else entirely (It's for breaking constraints, think of stuff like a rope bridge that would fall apart after x amount of force is exerted on it). You can't turn off hdt like a toggle. To do so requires changes to it's source code and maybe even it's entire stucture.


3. There probably is, but the biggest problem with hdt is that it uses the FREE version of Havok physics libraries. Havok is by nature a licenced product and the amount of free stuff and information they give in relation to their full potential is pitiful at best. Hydrogen only implemented as much as the free Havok SDK allowed. Any more and we need someone to buy a havok licence.


4. Use JFF or an XML editor to tweak the constraints to allow for more movement. Probably want to increase mass settings too...


5. No, they are anchor points. Make sure their set to virtual so they don't provide conflicting data and bug out your hdt. Don't change any of their values.

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1. Look up canderes youtube tutorials or his thread on getting started with 3dsmax under the tutorial subsection on LL


Just spent the past couple of hours trawling the net; couldn't find anything about adding breast constraints. Found one tutorial of his that detailed adding new bones for hair, but not for a body. Found another for a custom piece of clothing, but that's it.


They all involve new bones and re-skinning the mesh. That...Seems wrong, for what I am intending.


Tah fer the info, though. Would you be able to point me towards the proper tutorial?


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