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Racemenusettings; Hair + colour


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Just tested this follower myself. Not sure what you want to do with the CK? You only need the RaceMenu 3 mod, which i think the topic name already says.


1. Unpack this file:

Drakengard3 - Zero CG Follower 1_1-61910-1-1.7z\data\Main\meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\Orange ZeroCg.esp\000022FC.NIF


2. Cut & Paste it into:


Create the folder(s) if they don't exist.

If you use Mod Organizer make sure to do that in the RaceMenu mod and not in your real Skyrim\Data folder.

Rename it so you find it later in RaceMenu.



Now i have prepared another face with hair, eye color etc. in RaceMenu similar to that follower.

Click on "Sculpt"



4. Click on "Import Head"



5. Select the .nif file as shown and accept



6. Confirm the part import (all parts have a match so we're good)



7. And there she is





Now this is an identical copy of her head geometry, check the mod page for which assets the author used (textures, eyes, hair etc.).

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You're welcome ;)


Oh and i forgot - you need to set the body weight to exactly the same as the NPC that the head is from. In this case it was 100 weight, otherwise you get a seam at the neck.


Also you might want to rename the .nif to whatever follower you copied the head from.

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